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    I rooted my wifes Moto Droid, installed Titanium Backup and did a backup, and also installed CWmod and made a copy of the currently installed stock rom.

    My problem is that when I select a Rom to install from ROM manager (have tried multiple ROMS), the phone will load into recovery as it should but then fails with this message:

    Assert failed:
    file_getprop(“/system/build.prop”, “”) == “Verizon/voles/sholes/sholes:2.1-update1/ESE81/29593:user/release-keys”
    File_getprop(“/system/build.prop”, ””) == “Verizon/voles/sholes/sholes:2.2/FRG01B/45394:user/release-keys”
    E:erros in /sdcard/
    (status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    Anyone know what this is about and even better, how to get around this?

    Moto Droid
    Version 2.2.1
    Build: FRG83D
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