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[ROM] [ROM] [JB] [9.20.1] RageHD v2.3 [9/18/2013] **UPDATE**

Discussion in 'RAZR HD/MAXX HD Development and Hacking' started by BDAZZG1, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. BDAZZG1

    BDAZZG1 Premium Member Premium Member Developer

    Jun 14, 2010
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    Prescott Valley, AZ
    Team Rage Presents
    Rage HD By BDAZZG1
    The Stock Based ROM With The Speed and Features You Love!!



    What It's Got...

    • Latest 9.20.1 Base

    • Latest Baseband Included

    • Modded Kernel included

    • Fully Deodexed

    • Super Debloated

    • Full init.d support

    • Improved Gps Lock and Accuracy

    • LMT Launcher (PIE Controls)

    • Battery Tweaks

    • Greenify App

    • Chainfire's SuperSU

    • 1% BatteryMod

    • Fully Customizable Notification Toggles

    • Gapps baked in

    • Apex Launcher

    • Ad Blocker

    • CM's DSP Manager

    • Extreme build.prop tweaks

    • Increased Dalvik VM Heap Size

    • Disabled Kernel Logging for speed

    • Governors & Schedulers Baked In

    • Loopy Smoothness Tweak

    • Moto Camera & Gallery

    • 4.2.2 Camera & Gallery with Photosphere

    • Lots of Performance Tweaks

    • Many Essential Root Apps Preinstalled

    • OTA Updates


    v2.1 8/26/2013

    • Fixed Lag caused by Kernel Issue
    • Added DSP Manager
    • Added optional OG Battery Mod flashable zips to RageHD Extras folder
    v2.2 9/2/2013

    • Updated LMT Launcher
    • Added optional AOSP browser (look for flashable.zip in Rage HD Extras folder)
    • No longer need to flash extra scripts
    • NavBar zips included in RageHD Extras Folder
    • Removed WiFiKill
    v2.3 9/18/2013

    • Added New Custom Boot Logo Thanks Johnthehillbilly!
    • Added New Custom Boot Animation Thanks Johnthehillbilly
    • Removed more bloat
    • Added Google Keyboard
    • Added DSP Manager to Settings Menu

    Install Rage HD

    • Boot into Recovery (TWRP or CWM)
    • Wipe Data / Factory Reset
    • Wipe cache and dalvik cache
    • Wipe System
    • Install ragehd.zip
    • Reboot System
    • Initial boot takes a couple minutes...Don't Panic
    • Reboot
    • Profit
    SAFESTRAP v3.12

    • Select any ROM Slot
    • Wipe Data, Cache, and Dalvik
    • Install Rage HD for Safe Strap
    • Reboot System
    • Initial boot takes a couple minutes...Don't Panic
    • Reboot
    • Profit

    I, Team Rage, nor anyone else will be responsible for what you do to your phone! If you do this right it should work well. If not...well...that's what we're here for. Remember, we all do this for fun and have real lives too. If you find any bugs, please be sure you followed the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS exactly before reporting.


    Special thanks to my Friends at Team Rage for jump-starting my Dev Skills...
    BDH, Gerland The Oracle, usmcamgrimm, & jl90
    P3 Droid & Team Black Hat
    Markus McNugen

    If I've forgotten anyone PLEASE say something so I can add you to my Credits! I greatly appreciate everybody's hard work and we all deserve credit for what we've done!

    If you like my work please consider a small donation...
    and Don't forget to hit the Like Button!!
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2013
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