[ROM] iKReaM Stock New Era Rom For Droid RAZR

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    Development for the OG Droid RAZR is still going pretty strong even with the release of the new RAZR HD series, and surely more Motorola devices to come in the first quarter. Developer "R3Ds" has put together a highly stable, Stock, Debloated, and Deodexed Rom built on the leaked build. One great thing about running a stock rom is that you don't loose any of the functionality that makes your phone unique. It is great to have the vanilla android experience that you can get from a CM10 or AOKP rom, but it is often frustrating to find that you loose all of the Motorola functionality. If you hate manufacturer stock apps then this rom isn't for you. Even though the Motorola apps are all maintained most of the Bloat Verizon apps have been removed. Some apps have been inverted such as Gmail 4.2.1, youtube, talk, google plus, dropbox, and playstore. The Rest of the Rom has been themed out R3Ds style!


    Some custom features include 1% battery mod and smooth charging, gallery 3D linked to camera, 2x battery app, custom wallpapers, droidlight, No Frills Cpu controll, DSP manager, IO performance mods, IME switcher, tweaked gps.conf, pull down quick settings, cleaned up system ui, andvanced reboot menu, tweaked auto brightness, ful 2d gpu rendering enabled, notification led toggle, APEX launcher, foxfi for tether, added fancy widgets, and lots more!

    Grab the Rom and discuss here!
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