[ROM] HTC Droid DNA Team Venom Presents ViperDNA 1.1.2!

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    From team Venom comes the most customizable Rom for the HTC Droid DNA to date! It has been difficult in the development world for this phone due to the S-ON status which has kept many developers at bay. There are only a handful of Roms out there for this device. Viper DNA has to be one of the best! The Rom is built on stock 1.15.605.4 and is based on Android 4.1.1 Sense 4+. It is installed via the Aroma Installer which means you get to pick and choose the mods you like. You can also keep or take away as much Sense and bloat as you like.

    This Rom includes all Venom Tweaks, Venom Hub (allos you to browse and download statusbar themes/sense skins/rosie icon packs/carrier logos/full themes/read news/send feedback and more), Venom OTA allows you to pull the latest builds directly from Team Venom servers, Venom SuperUser, Venom File Manager, extended horizontal quick settings, extended vertical quick settings, custom quick launch, custom weather widget, advanced power menu and much more!

    Grab the Rom Via XDA
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