[ROM] [{ROM}] GZR Presents Validus13 XT907 Razr M

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    RAZR M

    Latest CM Bells & Whistles
    Battery Bar. You can choose to be shown in Status Bar or under Navigation Bar and plus choose thickness, different colors and charging animation;
    Circle Battery with 4 different types of charging speeds and possibility of color customization (battery icon and percentage text);
    Turn screen on when plug/unplug the USB cable as an option in settings;
    Reboot Menu Enable by default;
    Brightness control sliding through status bar;
    Custom Carrier Label;
    Status Bar Transparency and Custom Colors;
    Status bar network speed indicator with option to custom colors;
    Option to auto hide network speed indicator when there is no traffic;
    Status bar quick peek;
    Notification drawer + Notification row Transparency, custom Colors and custom image;
    Navigation Bar Height, Width and Width in Landscape. Also Transparency and Custom Colors;
    Notification Behavior (Normal, Always Expanded, Never Expanded and Old Style);
    Low Battery Warning (Pop-up and sound, Notification and sound, Pop-up dialog only, Notification only, Sound only, Disable);
    Appbar from ChameleonOS;
    Lockscreen based on gestures from ChameleonOS;
    HALO 2.0 by ParanoidAndroid;
    BlackUI (Darkness), TRDS from Slim Roms;
    LCD density changer
    Option to enable notifications light even with screen on;
    Option to enable lock screen rotation;
    Open tiles in floating window;
    QS tile fast charge;
    Powerwidget toggle fast charge;
    Speed up statusbar / notification drawer;
    Alternate default app picker;
    Customizable lockscreen (color fill with transparency slide, custom image with transparency slide, full transparent, default wallpaper);
    Floating window from notification drawer (Long press);
    Option to show Wifi name in notification drawer;
    Option to flip tiles in simple press;
    Listview Animation;
    Listview Interpolator;
    SlimRoms Nav bar
    SlimRoms PIE
    Expanded desktop mode with 4 options (off, hide status bar, hide nav bar, hide status and nav bar)
    Custom Boot Animation (JaeKar99) You are the man
    dustinb for allowing us to use his cobalt themes
    More to come........

    1. Follow normal flashing rules
    2. Use only 4.3 Gapps
    3. Enjoy

    Big Thanks:
    Cristiano Matos(for his wonderful concept)
    The Titanic
    CM Moto team
    Satman80.... Don't even question why

    Link for custom wallpapers:
    Index of /devs/gzroms/Validus13_Walls

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    Build updated 10/20

    Removed Greenify in settings (caused a few conflicts when trying to upgrade still imbedded in rom)
    Added Omni's Multi-Window granted still WIP but i liked it :)
    And yes MMS is working
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    Does this work with ss as well

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