[ROM] GummyJAR 2.0 Droid done Right - 12/21

Discussion in 'Gummyjar Droid2' started by kejar31, Dec 22, 2010.

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    Thank you patmw123!! :) I have actually been running Liberty 2.0.1 and been LOVING it. Minor tiffs here and there but all in all its awsome. I went ahead and downloaded GummyJAR form the link you sent just so I'll have it for furture "Fun Times" :)

    In playing around with Liberty I found out that there is actually 2 different Droid 2's. One is a Global phone and the other isn't. I knew I have a Global phone cause the Verizon rep told me. But I thought that was because ALL Droid 2's were global phones. But I found the "GRD-D2 Romer v7" thing and got Liberty working almost flawlessly! now and I assume that the same "GRD-D2 Romer v7" will also work on GummyJAR to convert it into a Droid 2 Global Rom as well?

    Also, do you or anyone else know how to make the "Themes" work from the Liberty Toolbox. I want it to have a blue color instead of the Yellow it has right now. Similar to the way "Simply Stunning" looked on the old Droid 1's a year or so ago. Blue is my absolute favorite color and having it be a blue theme through out the system would make this ROM pretty close to perfect.

    Thanks again for the Link and any advice anyone has for Liberty themes on a D2G.

    God bless
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