[ROM] Eclipse Note 3 TW Edition (REAL AOSP Styling)!

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    If you wanted to run AOSP on your Verizon Note 3 that is just too bad. Verizon and Samsung have teamed up to make their Galaxy devices on Big Red nearly impossible to hack. For months now security experts have spent lots of time blood sweat and tears trying to unlock this monster device. All to no avail. Recently I spoke with Adam Outler, one of the guys responsible for unlocking the bootloader on the Note 3. He said that they were finally getting an insecure boot on the Note 3, but this was only step 1 of a 4 step process. He did however seem hopeful.

    Even though we don't have AOSP roms on this device, it doesn't mean that we don't have some awesome developers working on this device. Developer "NitroGlycerine33" has released build 1.0 of his Eclipse Rom for the Note 3. While this is based on the latest OTA 4.3 MJE Touchwiz build you won't recognize it since Nitro has painstakingly themed this to totally resemble AOSP! This rom will operate quite a bit smoother than stock touchwiz. It has all Verizon, Amazon, and other bloat removed freeing up some much needed memory. Samsung Hub, Samsung updater, Samsung Knox have been removed, but other TW features remain intact. AOSP apps have been added to replace the TW counterparts including contacts/dialer, Calendar, calculator, deskclock, email, and quickreply. Some CyanogneMod apps have been added like the filemanager, cLock weather widget, and terminal emulator. TW launcher has been replaced with Nova launcher. Extended reboot menu has been added. Some other custom features include customizable quick toggles, transparency status bar setting, and real AOSP UI. You can grab this Rom along with Eclipse settings at the source link below!

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