ROM Demented Bean for the Droid Razr!

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    First of all this Rom's overall theme will not be for everyone. That being said it is a pretty sick looking Rom. Directly from the developer "cphelps76" this Rom is a "disturbingly dark little nugget." it is his "vision of sickness". In other words this Rom is full of inverted goodies meaning most of the white elements that you would normally find in the framework have been replaced with dark elements making this one pretty sweet Blacked Out Rom. It is based on AOKP by the STS Dev Team. This Rom uses the Kexec Bootloader Bypass which means that it has lots of cool features performance settings and overclocking! Some other features include Beats control, lots of performance tweaks and mods, full inversion package, loads of color tweaks, custom lockscreen, Zenyth softkeys, custom font, and tons more!

    This Rom is pretty new so you can expect a few issues. For now data is not working (with some effort you can get a solid 3g connection), the camera is a no go for now, sometimes the nav bar will disappear on reboot but that can easily be fixed by unchecking the "enable bar" in nav bar settings then reenabling it.

    It is only recommended that you flash this Rom via Safestrap2.11 since it does include Kexec.

    Grab the Rom via
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