[ROM] DarthStalker For The Galaxy S4!

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    I keep hearing about the DarthStalker Rom on the Galaxy S4, so I had to check it out. This is not one of the most popular roms by any means, at least not on Verizon, but those who have used it Rave about it. This rom supports multiple carriers which is always a plus. It includes the aroma installer so you can pick and choose your perfect Rom experience. This is a touchwiz rom, but has been tweaked for performance. The lag from stock TW builds is gone and this rom is buttery smooth. DarthStalker has a nice dark style theme. It also includes some custom options like 4-1 reboot, bootanimation support, wifi calling, and mms over wifi, resizable pop up browser, 1% battery mod, Sony Sketch is default font, unrestricted native tethering, bluetooth tethering enabled, volume boosting sound hack and the list goes on and on.

    With this being touchwiz you won't lose any of the functionality that came with your device. You get lots of speed enhancements including a 3g/4g/Wi-Fi/LTE speed and signal mod. This looks to be a pretty sweet rom.

    Via XDA

    Thanks Arthur Stingo
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