[ROM] CodefireXperiment Nightlies and Weeklies 4.3 For Verizon Galaxy Nexus

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    The joy of owning a developer device such as the Nexus is the fact that.. well.. developers own it too. Owning a device with an unlocked bootloader, that is easily rooted is a sure fire way to be sure that you will always receive updates in a timely manner. Even though Verizon can't update this device quickly the developers always will. Even with this device heading towards the 2 year mark there is still plenty of new development for this device.

    Developer "Blackdope" has released his build of Android 4.3 for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. The CodefireXperiment Rom will remain mostly stock AOSP with no gimmicks. The developers of this Rom challenge you to find a faster more stable rom than theirs. You can grab nightlies and now weeklies (more stable builds) from the source link below.

    Via RootzWiki
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