[ROM] BullyDesensed v1.7 Final for HTC Thunder Bolt

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    Thunderbolt users! Is anyone interested in a Sense 2.1 Gingerbread Rom?! It is good to see some development on the Thunderbolt once again. Team Vicious has released there Final build of BullyDesensed. This Rom is up to build 1.7 and is rock solid! It is based on a tweaked version of Stock 2.11.605.9, and includes ziggy's 11-05 kernel which makes it fly! It also features Speed and Stability tweaks, updated superuser and busybox, Happy Trails quick settings, latest Play Store w/Gtalk,k, and other goodies. The Rom has been completely Desensed as well!


    The latest version of the Rom includes the addition of Car Panel, Dock Mode, Voice Recorder, and all apps have been updated. This may not be the fanciest Rom, and while other developers are working on being the first to put out Ice Cream Sandwich and JellyBean, Team Vicious and developer "[SP]Jester" are focused on bringing you the most stable experience possible. What good is it to have hundreds of customization options if the extra stuff breaks other things.

    Download this Rom here

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