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    Credits: koush, cyanogen, jdkoreclipse, unrevoked, the android community

    UPDATED 9/19/10

    Blackhawk is a port of CyanogenMod for the EVO. I decided to do this out of boredom one day, but got hoooked in fixing the broken parts, and in the end, it works so good, its release time.

    Now, instead of posting a changelog between this and CM6 Inc, i will post what i know is working

    What is working:
    WIIMote (not sure about bluetooth audio quality though..please test that because i dont have a bluetooth)
    Camera Flash
    Soft Button Lights
    Mobile Data
    Wifi Hotspot
    Just about everything else

    Whats different from CM6 inc:
    The screen doesnt tear when you put it into sleep
    LEDs Blink at all times (when needed)
    More Stable
    Better Battery Life
    Correctly displays battery use (it doesnt say display uses 80% nymore)

    What Is Borked:
    Auto Brightness

    Gapps isnt included, co i would RECCOMMEND downloading the gapps from my site if you dont already have them

    My phone is unstable running king kernel over 1113 on interactive. If your phone can handle 1.2 then go for it, but i REALLY dont forsee that. Koush's kernel works fine however you decide to handle that. ANd adrynalyne' s kernel works regardless, since it isnt OCUV.

    Changelog between versions:
    v1: initial release
    v1.2: EMMC now mounts, YAY!!!!!!!!!! New boot animation new ui print when flashig the rom

    Link: www.mediafire.com/jdkoreclipse

    v1.2 is uploading now
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    If this is a port of CM6 for the EVO, why is it posted under 'Droid Incredible ROMs" ?
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