[ROM] BC4 JB Rom v1.0 Liquid 4.2.2 for Droid RAZR

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    Here is a new Rom for your Droid RAZR by our very own "R3Ds"! This Rom is compiled from LiquidSmooth source and is based on 4.2.2. This Rom also includes a Blacked Out Inverted Theme!
    This Rom has all kinds of performance tweaks to improve performance and user experience including Data connection tweaks, 3G tweaks, dalvik VM tweaks, battery tweaks, and more! This Rom has been Deodexed and Zipaligned for even more fluidity.


    This Rom includes mobile tether hotspot work around, cpusleep app, cpuspy app, memory management tweaks, adaway, and the iKReaM theme! Just about everything has been inverted in this Rom to give it a clean look and feel. Inverted elements include Framework, Contacts, Phone, Messaging, Gmail, YouTube, Talk, Google Plus, DropBox, Playstore, Google News Reader, Calendar, and Google Now.

    This Rom should be installed via SafeStrap only. This should only be installed in Slot 3. There are special installation instructions for this rom that should be followed.

    Grab this Rom and Discuss here
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