[ROM] AXISm Release 19 For Verizon Galaxy S3

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    If you are awaiting release day tomorrow and you would like to give your Galaxy S3 one last rom before updating to the Galaxy S4 Rom tomorrow you are in luck. Developer "PureMotive" has put together the AxisM Rom for your flashing needs. This is a Touchwiz Rom based on 4.1.2 VRBMB1 so it includes the TouchwizUX interface that you are familiar with. The Rom has been Debloated for improved speed and storage. It includes all sorts of performance enhancements like full qualcomm s4 snapdragon rendering, v6 supercharger script, maximum ssd performance, and more. Customizations include the TN Advanced Power Menu, 23 extended lidroid toggle settings, hacked hotspot, call/ message blocking, smart rotation, smart stay, multi window, muted boot sound and more.

    There are several other tweaks including Axis Shell, Status bar mods, Notification panel, date and time mods, lockscreen mods, touchwiz launcher, phone tweaks, and other function tweaks. You can grab this Rom at the source link below.

    Via Rootzwiki
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