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    Land of Liberty

    First, this is for Droid X ONLY. If Someone is interested in porting to D2, contact me & we will discuss it. Next, You MUST already be on Liberty GB 06 or ABOVE, or another .596 Gingerbread Based ROM, as this is built on Liberty GB v.08. No matter what ROM you are coming from, even if its Liberty, you MUST wipe Data & Cache. This Is a Full ROM. If you do not install according to the requirements, please dont ask for support.
    What is this? This is a Modded version of the Liberty ROM that I have put together with the help of jrummy16 & Fabolous (Liberty & Apex). This is a full ROM built on Liberty GB Base with all the tweaks, scripts, & goodies from jrummy, with the AOSP built from source Apps, compiled by Fabolous. Why AOSP? Speed. No Blur. System Resources are maximized, then tweaked to perfection by jrummy's scripts & mods. Everyone who has tested this has commented on how snappy their DX is, and an improved battery life. This is NOT an AOSP Theme. The Theme for this ROM Mod is a custom theme by me, just for this build. Liberty ToolBox Works, But there is no liberty settings in the settings tabs & No Liberty Customizer in this build.
    So, without further ado, I give you AOSP Liberty GB for DX :




    *Download To SD Card
    *Bootstrap & Reboot Into Recovery
    *Data Wipe / Factory Reset
    *Flash AOSP LIBERTY File
    **Some Google Apps will have to restored from Market (Gmail,maps,etc) DO NOT restore Data from Tit. Backup,etc.
    It is also recommended after 1st boot that you go to Accounts/Settings & Sync Google.
    **Should you want to return to stock Liberty Rom (cutomizer & Liberty Settings Is what you would gain back) Just Flash Liberty Over This.
    Fabolous Has Made Flashable Files to Add Back Any Blur Componets You May want, You Can Find Those Here: Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

    jrummy16 & Fabolous, Camdroid for the dialpad, & Dr. Carpenter For The Boot Logo. Thanks To The Beta Testers MasterRaven, SteadyHawkin, MrBrady.

    I forgot to mention that the Forrest live wallpaper is included! Thanks P3Droid