[ROM][6.8.2011][ED01] MIUIWiz *V1.1 *mms fix

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    You know who the credits go to......ENJOY

    Orig link: [ROM][6.8.2011][ED01] MIUIWiz *V1.1 *mms fix - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [ROM][6.8.2011][ED01] MIUIWiz *V1.1 *mms fix

    ***we are not responsible for anything that happens to your phone*** [​IMG]

    *if you want a phone with absolutely no problems....a "bugless beast" if you will...dont flash roms...not every rom/kernel combo works for every phone..so dont complain*

    First and foremost the vast majority of the credit goes to andmer and sbrissen. Andmer go the miui launcher and other apks working with touchwiz...which is an incredible accomplishment [​IMG] and sbrissen for all his mods to the phone, including the MIUI lockscreen, which has been out for awhile now but obviously fits the project well.

    Ok so what is MIUIwiz?
    *It is a combination of several features of MIUI and our regular old sammy touchwiz.
    *Since the launcher is such a major part of what makes MIUI what it is...you will notice that much of the feel of MIUI carries over to this.
    *GOcontacts has replaced our regular dialertabactivity.apk as its more MIUI-like and the Miren browser has replaced our regular samsung browser.
    *GOSMS is included..but regular mms.apk has also been packaged in for those who have issues with GOSMS
    *OTB 1.3 has been packaged in to the ROM as it seems to be the most compatible with the most peoples phones...feel free to flash whatever voodoo kernel you want immediately after flashing the rom before booting though.
    *aosp filemanager instead of myfiles built from source
    *miui/gb touchwiz themed
    *MIUI music instead of tw or aosp music
    *no accurate battery atm (there will be soon enough)
    *MIUI icon theming...basically similar to a metamorph or cm7 theme engine in that it replaces images/icons...but in this case the system icon for an apk without editing the apk
    *MIUI camera/camcorder instead of tw
    *aosp deskclock (will add clockpackage in as optional download)
    *stock android keyboard (instead of gb kb in com rom) from MIUI
    *MIUIWiz is based off of Ultimate Kangbang 1.3 (com rom) so it includes TSM Parts, as well as adrynalynes numerous under the hood mods.

    Why use another rom as a *base* I thought that was lame?
    *originally this was a theme/mod combo...but do to issues with data wipes (you needed to wipe for the launcher to work right, yet it caused other problems if you did) it was found to be most compatible in rom format
    *since com rom is a TSM release and this is too...its not lame kanging...we are just using what we already have a starting point!

    Major Credit:
    GO development team

    thefunkbot for his transparent tw contacts.apk
    omj for aosp filemanager
    Psykdup for his work that is incorporated into tsm parts
    dmitt25 for the tsm picture

    Downloads in Post 2..please Read instructions before downloading and flashing!

    *additional screenshots are in post#2

    if you feel so inclined to donate to those involved links for:
    donate sbrissen
    donate adrynalyne

    i only accept thanks [​IMG]

    Install Instructions:
    (if you dont follow them...dont complain...and yes you will have problems!)

    1. Boot into CWR (recommended to be using a 3.0 cwr version)
    2. wipe data
    3. wipe cache
    4. wipe davlik cache
    5. if coming a different OTB version its advised to wipe voltage settings as well
    6. flash rom

    (if having issues)
    7. post problems with logcats


    *V1.1: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! *6.7.11
    md5: c1f35b258ff367ddb060327941236ae2

    *V1.0: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    framework patch for missing dialogs: https://github.com/downloads/teamSbr...work_patch.zip

    6.8.11: themed mms patch fix (hopefully): themed_mms_patch.zip

    6.8.11: stock mms patch: stock_mms_patch.zip

    *restore (themed) dialertabactivity.apk v1

    *TW camera patch v1 (will install tw camera and firmware, and delete miui camera)

    ***Check Out This Thread for Icon and regular themes*** (wip) *5.22.11


    V1.1 (6/7/11)
    *Kernel is no longer included, Please see Recommended kernels.
    *Full MIUI Preferences look and feel integration.
    *Numerous look and feel enhancements/additions to default icon theme and frameworks.
    *Include TouchWiz (Camera, Clock, Browser), Stock ED01 Market, aLogcat, Titanium Backup, Voodoo Control.
    *Update GoSMS,GOContacts,VoltageControl to latest market versions.
    *Removed duplicate ringtones, notifications.
    *car cradle now works with GO Dialer
    *modified google voice widgets (1x4 by default instead of 1x3)
    *Fix lockscreen controls next track / pause bug (sbrissen).
    *2048 sdcard readahead speedup from forums (brainmaster).
    *Additions to MIUIWiz wallpapers.
    *Themed Samsung MMS.apk
    ***See Screenshots at bottom of this post for 1.1 changes***
    V1.0 (5/18/11)
    *initial release

    ***Known Bugs/Issues***
    *music controls on MIUI lockscreen: next button pauses instead of advancing selection
    *car cradle doesnt work with gocontacts dialer yet (working on it), will work with dialer patch*****fixed in 1.1!
    *MIUI 4x4 music widget doesnt display album info or picture
    *miuicamcorder does not do 720p...patch for tw version below
    *not a *bug* but no acc battery yet (can use batt percentage in tsm parts)
    *voice search fc using miren browser..if you swap in tw or com rom browser, should work

    Q and A
    (updated from thread, so you dont have to dig through)

    *Q: Is this the same as the test builds?
    A: it is updated from the latest test build, but if you are happy with that, by all means stick with it

    *Q: What keyboards are included
    A: swype 2.29 (same as com rom) unthemed; stock android keyboard from miui; samsung keypad

    *Q: Is accurate battery mod included?
    A: Not yet...i neglected to make that so far...but I will soon (semi-promise)
    A2: you can always enable battery percentage in TSM parts...its just numerical percentage, no themed batteries though

    *Q: Can I use patches from com rom/superclean?
    A: Yes, although some may be differently themed (gb or otherwise)...and superclean ones would be in amend, and not work on cwr 3.0+

    *Q: Is MIUI weather included?
    A: no. do to the complexity of MIUI weathers' databases the app is divided up by region...so you ll have to get it from here with the appropriate apk...or if you have fancy widget pro, the miui skin mimics it very well

    *Q: Is this is based off of com rom, then why do we have to wipe data?
    A: even though this is *based* off of com rom, the framework-res.apk, android.policy.jar, services.jar, and framework-jar have been heavily modified to work with the miui launcher2.apk...if you dont wipe...best case scenario is you loose sensor orientation and the phone wont rotate in your apps...worst case tons of acore force closes and app crashes

    *Q: Will com rom/ed01 themes work on this?
    A: no, you will most certainly bootloop...the changed apks/jars wont take...and MIUIWiz uses MIUI icon theming as well (think metamorph/theme engine built into the rom flash for sys icons)

    *Q: I cant boot, whats going?
    A: Could be you didnt wipe data, etc...do that
    A: Could be you didnt convert to ext4 on another kernel before flashing this rom/kernel package (this otb kernel will not convert)....try flashing one of jts 4/15 voodoo kernels first

    *Q: Where can I get MIUI wallpapers from?
    A: they are actually built in! The TW Wallpaperchooser has been edited to include them.
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    long island, ny
    getting stuck at miui boot!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh ive tried everything!!!
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    This is an awesome ROM but can I get swype on here?
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    about to try so i have an otb voodoo kernel installed and i dont have to dissable it before i install correct? also im comming from comm rom 2.1 thanks alot!
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