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    Ok guys this rom is something that was in the plan for a long time and its finally done.
    This rom is based off of HTC Runnymede 1.05.401.4 with Sense 3.5 and GB 2.3.5. This is the initial release and there will be future updates as needed.
    A really big thanks goes out to Cappychimp and RC-Team for a lot of the added tweaks and multidevice zip, and to romanbb for the original tweaks.
    This ROM is available for Droid Incredible,Thunderbolt, Desire, Desire HD (also Telus), Desire S, Desire Z, Inc 2, Inc S, Inspire 4G and myTouch 4G (again, thanks to rc team)... also want to say thanks to Team Bamf for porting over 4G and data to ports for the thunderbolt if it wasnt for them this wouldnt be possible for the tbolt, also want to say thanks to Virus for the original port and fixing hardware related features..


    Cappychimp (Rcmix)
    Team Bamf (Data Fix)
    Virus (for eternity)
    Romanbb (original Tweaks)

    Ziggys latest kernel
    Deodex (Odex coming soon)
    Fully Optimized and tweaked
    Zipalign on boot
    Defrag DB's on boot
    Busybox 1.19.3
    Native screen capture
    Beats audio, Dolby, SRS, and EQ in music player
    HTC Quicklaunch widget from bliss also added
    Unlocked more settings in Browser
    All Gapps and market apps updated to newest versions
    All other stock sense 3.5 goodies included
    music mod from cm7 use volume while screen is off to switch tracks
    Unlocked more browser settings

    Settings Tweaks
    Statusbar Options
    Clock Options
    - Style (show/hide/center)
    - AM/PM Style (show/small/hide)
    - Color
    - Hide alarm icon
    Battery Options
    - Battery bar (like Miui with settings thanks to pvy)
    - Show/Hide
    - Color
    Signal Options
    - Show/Hide
    - Text
    - Color
    - Transparency
    Notification Menu Options
    - Recent apps show/hide
    - Date show/hide
    - Transparent BG
    - Skins (Stock/Inverted)
    - Default to quicksettings
    - Customize quicksettings (show/hide)
    Rosie Options
    - Custom button
    - Hide navbar label
    - Quick scroll (3d/2d/semi)
    - Drawer matrix (4x4/4x5/5x4/5x5)
    - Transparent BG
    - Depagineted app drawer
    - Bliss Rosie
    Display Options
    - Overscroll settings (none/glow/bounce & glow/bounce)
    - Window and Transition animations speeds (6 diff speeds + off)
    - CRT on/off
    - Unlock animation on/off
    - 3D home
    - Font Sizes (7 different sizes)
    - Auto brightness settings
    - Softkeys lights (on/off/always on)
    Misc Options
    - Lockscreen (Honeycomb/Android/HTC - all on the fly)
    - SD crad read ahead speeds (128kb - 4096kb | set to 2048 by default)
    - Volume key screen on
    - SMS screen on
    - Snapshot (enable/disable)
    - Volume key to take a picture
    - HTC_IME Arrow KB (on/off)
    - Beats Boost
    Phone Information
    - Radio etc.
    - Battery
    - Usage stats
    - Wifi[/indent]System Tweaks
    Boot options
    - Reboot
    - Hot Restart
    - Recovery
    - Bootloader
    - Power off
    Mount system RW
    Mount system RO
    Debloater & Storage space
    - Remove system apps (use at your own risk as there is no restore option yet)
    - Internal & External Storage summery
    Memory settings
    - Default
    - Free up 50/70 MB
    - Clear Dalvik-Cache
    - Clear Cache
    - Fix Permissions
    Enable/Disable commands
    - Camera sound (on/off)
    - Vibration (default/med/low)
    - Ads (hide/show)
    - Disable
    - Enable
    - Get rid of

    Extras for fun
    Download Center
    - Htc hub widgets/skins/apps (make sure to d/l ones for your sense version)
    - Bootanimations sounds
    - Volume rocker sounds
    - Screen lock sounds
    - Bootanimations (make sure to d/l ones for your device resolution)
    - Shutdown animations (make sure to d/l ones for your device resolution)
    - Fonts (many to choose from...)

    These tweaks are a lot like RCTweaks as they are based on their work... but there are more than a few extras that mik and chingy added in.


    We are also looking for experienced testers and/or devs to help us further develop this rom on all devices... so feel free to contact aamikam or newtoroot.


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    Awesome, glad to see this!!!
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    dead link, wheredo I download from?
  4. FrontierProject

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    all links for all roms from mikmik seem to be dead, both here and in there own forums.
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