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    Good day everyone. What are the chances someone can either answer or try to make happen sending the ringtones and notifications to bluetooth when the phones are set to vibrate?
    I used to be able hear my sounds (Touch-Pro) when I had the phone on vibrate. This was great especially when I was in a movie or some quiet place and I could hear the ringtone which was set to a specific person so I knew who it was when they called... If this is unclear, let me know... With the Galaxy S3, the phone rings and I can hear them in the bluetooth AND the phone, but when on vibrate, the bluetooth just has the voice state "call from xxx-xxx-xxxx" Or when I get a text there is no notification except vibrate... This is a bit frustrating at times.. Thanks for any help you might have.

    Seems I'm not the only one who would like this option:
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