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    I am very very new to Droid phones. I have the Droid Increditble and with my other smart phones I used ringo to manage and assign ringtones that was stored on my SD card. I have downloaded a ringtone program to get new ringtones. Once I find the ringtone I like and download it the program ask's me if I want to assign it to a contact which I normally do. Ok to my question... I have a program on my laptop to make ringtones from MP3s and I can move them to my SD card via the laptop, however when I go into my contacts to use the ringtone I just made it only gives me the option to use the ones that are already installed on the phone when you buy. It doesnt even give me the option to use one of the ones I have downloaded and currently use. Is there a program that will allow me to look up in the phones memory where items are being stored ie ringtones and wallpapers and a program that will allowing me to move items from SD card to that folder so that I can use the ringtone.


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