ringtone problem/conflict on Thunderbolt

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    I have this problem where I assign a caller ringtone to someone in my phone, but occasionally the phone "forgets" what I've assigned and it will give me the default ringtone (which should only play if someone who is not in my address book/someone who does not have a specific ringtone assigned calls me). I have Handcent, which is the only app I can think of that might cause some sort of conflict-- although the ringtones I've assigned to people through Handcent are specific to texts they send me, and I've never had a problem like this for texts (just calls). So, I really have no idea why it does this. It happens sporatically; so if "Jane" calls me three times in one day, twice I will get her assigned ringtone and once I might get the default ringtone. If it happened regularly, I would probably be able to figure it out; but since it happens at random, I figure there's some sort of conflict within the settings.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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