Rick Osterloh Appointed to be President and COO of Motorola

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    What comes next for Motorola when it has been sold off to someone else and the Google appointed leader of the company has left to work for someone else? Of course, they need to appoint a new COO, and that's what we have to announce this morning. Rick Osterloh has been appointed to be the President and COO of Motorola following the departure of Dennis Woodside to DropBox.

    Until the Lenovo acquisition is finished, Osterloh will report directly to the Motorola Operating Board at Google. Here's what Google’s Jonathan Rosenberg wrote on the matter,

    It sounds like Motorola will be in good hands with Osterloh. His resume makes you wonder if he was one of the possible choices to begin with when Google originally purchased Motorola and replaced Sanjay Jha. With the new Moto 360 and Moto X+1 on the horizon, it will be interesting to see what else comes out of Moto this year, and especially next year.

    Source: BGR