Rezound vs Stratosphere

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    Good morning - I currently have an HTC Eris and desperately need a new phone; I realize that when the phone was new, it was probably the cat's meow, but at this point, it doesn't even make phone calls very well. . . . I love the Rezound, but am reluctant to pay the $150 (the best deal I could find was at Amazon) when I can get the Stratosphere for free at Best Buy.

    I don't really need anything fancy. I use the phone for work email, personal email, surfing the web, reading books and listening to music. And of course, phone calls. Prior to the Eris, I had a Blackberry and I do miss the "hard" keyboard. I am not a techie, but am concerned that if I go with the Stratosphere it will become obsolete (as my Eris has) before my next upgrade is due (no dual-core, ICS update may never happen, etc.). But I really don't need the fancy Rezound. . . . .

    Any thoughts as to whether or not I should spring for the $150 or just take the "freebie" and run with it? Or is there a better deal on the Rezound that I haven't found yet?


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