revolutionary success on htc, but no root access...does this mean phone not rooted?

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    Dec 21, 2012
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    completed Revolutionary steps.
    have tried detecting root access.
    * after revolutionary, superuser and rom manager is present
    * Rom manager: error trying to flash ClockworkMod recovery (downloads to 100 percent then error)
    * Superuser: su binary outdated -rwsr-sr-s// root root// system/bin/su
    Downloads new binary but fails root access
    * got root?: Detects super user, fail to obtain root privledges, notes no busybox installed
    * busybox will not install
    * su updater says I have current

    Need I say more? What's missing or what did I fail to do?

    HTC Thunderbolt // android 2.2.1 //

    does this mean my phone is not rooted?
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