Revived my M after water damage

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    Thought I'd throw this out there for anyone that does the same.
    Had phone in front pocket of Gore Tex riding pants on a motorcycle ride. It rained a lot on us and the phone got wet(short story).
    OK, here's what happened. I dried the phone with a combination of rice bag and dehumidifier. That usually does the trick but did not this time. I noticed when I plugged it in to charge the battery, the green notification light came on and would go out after about 10 seconds. Did this many times. SO my thought was, the phone still 'works' but battery isn't accepting a charge.
    So I took the phone apart and took the battery out and let it dry over a few days. I plugged it back and .....same thing. I did this on and off and one time the green light stayed on. I knew I was good then. Let it charge for a few minutes so it would get over the 5% threshold for booting it up. I plugged the screen up to the phone(while still apart in sections) and it booted up!!
    I let the battery charge up more and then reassembled the phone and it works like a charm now.
    If you have good basic mechanical ability, taking the phone apart is no big deal.
    Follow this You Tube video for reference on taking it apart: Note, a heat gun is need to take the Motorola badge off and especially to get the battery out!!
    One more note not covered in that video. Watch the power button and volume up/down rocker thingies as they like to fall out and the volume rocker is a pain to get back in correctly.

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