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    Wondering to get an external battery or not? This review might give you
    an idea on how the customer feel about the RP-PB07 10400mAh power
    bank by RavPower. It won't take much space from your gear bag and is
    perfect to have it as a power backup for your smartphone.

    More and more portable electronic devices means more and more power being consumed.
    If you do not have an external battery back in your gear bag you need one ASAP!
    Having an external battery on hand means you always have access to power and that
    means never having to deal with a device that’s died from use. The RAVPower Dynamo-On-the-Go
    RPPB07 is a 10,400 mAh external battery pack that features to recharging USB ports.
    One port has high output for use with tablets, while the other handles cell phones and other smaller devices.
    This battery might seem small on the outside, but 10,400 mAh is plenty of power to make sure
    all your mobile tech. stays at full charger, ready for use while you’re on the go.


    Inside the packaging you’ll find the battery along with an instruction manual, carrying pouch,
    charging brick and two micro USB cables.


    The exterior of the battery has a piano black, glossy finish to it. It’a bout the size of a deck
    of cards, which means it’ll easily fit most anywhere, whether inside your gear bag, purse or
    even your back pocket.


    On the front of the battery you’ll find a single button. Pressing this once illuminates 1 to 4 LEDs,
    each representing 25% of the battery’s recharging power. This button also is not a power button however.
    Essentially the battery is always on. As soon you plug a device into one of the 2 USB ports, it begins charging.


    While recharging the battery itself the four LEDs light up as 25% of the power gets filled.
    You’ll want to charge it until all four LEDs turn solid blue.

    This battery pack features two USB ports. One offers 2A output, for tablets and other devices requiring
    more power, and the other 1A for cell phones.


    To use the battery pack simply plug one of your own USB cables (if your device that needs charging uses
    a micro USB cable you can use one the cables that comes with the unit) and begin charging.
    10,000 mAh is enough power to recharge multiple devices, more than one time.

    The RAVPower Dynamo-On-the-Go RP-PB07 10400mAh External Battery is a sleek looking, strongly powered
    external battery pack that’s perfect for users who want to make sure their devices stay topped off while on the go.
    If you don’t have an external battery pack in your gear bag right now you should. The RP-PB07 is a great choice.
    You can learn more about the RAVPower Dynamo-On-the-Go RP-PB07 10400mAh External Battery by visiting
    and ordering yours here: Amazon.com: RAVPower® Dynamo-On-the-Go RP-PB07 10400mAh External Backup Battery Pack Charger / Power Bank (Premium Samsung Cells Adopted, 5V / 3A Dual USB Output, Built-in Flashlight, Free Wall Charger & Carrying Pouch Included, Limited Edition, orig
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