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Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by mysterious76, Aug 8, 2011.

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    I am about to return my SECOND Droid Inc 2. I did everything mentioned in all the forums and contacted HTC directly, and no one can figure out why my battery life is so poor. Phone literally dies within 4 hours without use. Given that this is my second phone, I'm fed up. So here is what I care about in a phone. Please make suggestions based on your personal phone experiences about which is the best choice for me. My top priorities are as follows:

    1) Battery life. With low to moderate use, I'd like to get a full day and only have to charge when I go to bed.
    2) Need to be able to get my work emails. We currently use Lotus. It worked on my blackberry, and it works on my friend's Charge. Will it work on Motorola?
    3) Need to be able to hear my voicemails or the other person talking.

    My Inc 2 did not allow for any of those things. What about the Charge? X2? Something else?

    Btw, I don't care about how fast my phone is or about listening to music. I just want to check emails, text, go on facebook, and play Words with friends. That's it. Oh, and I don't want my phone to freeze up or crash very often. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    hmmm that's interesting...never heard that kind of experience with an Inc 2, sorry to hear though.

    Droid 3 is pretty cool, don't know about the Lotus part though....

    I have a feeling it's some sort of app you're using that drains your battery so much. Maybe even the area you live in where it's a bad signal and your phone is constantly trying to connect to the tower.
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    Do you keep it in your pocket a lot? I have a coworker who complains to me that his phone would die going to Disney, both his smartphone Nd his old env touch. I said that its probably due to being inside a ride with no coverage. The phone hunts for a signal and dies quickly. My last phone died after 2hrs on a flight because I forgot to turn it off or plane mode. That phone would last 3 days with heavy use.

    Maybe the same is happening to you..

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