Retired My Bioinic Yesterday

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    I got my Bionic on release day. I had an OG, and it was driving me NUTS. I normally wouldn't be waiting at the door for a Verizon store to open, but I drove over the road then, and was leaving for a week or more.

    While the Bionic was an improvement, it never did impress me that much. I've had Motorola phones for a long time. But they screwed over the Bionic owners for so long, delaying the release of the phone forever, and then delaying the software updates that would fix the connectivity problems with the phone. Motorola really screwed over Photon owners with Sprint. They NEVER got an update.

    My new S 4 is really impressive. Not having a removable battery and expandable memory was in no way acceptable, so I'm done with Motorola. I couldn't be happier with my Galaxy.