Restoring Default Apps

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    Hey guys. I want to thank you for the work you've put in and the help you've given to get the most out of our phones. It means a lot to technology in general.

    I used "Root Manager" to uninstall some default apps, (vvm, etc.). I want to restore them so I don't brick my phone when I update.

    When I use "Root Manager" to Restore apps, the restore screen comes up blank. Now I'm sure many of you don't use this program, but is there a way to manually restore these? I'm hopeful that the program didn't delete the apps, but it may have. I'm using Root Explorer to look for the backups of the apps, but I can't find them.

    The only clue I have that they still might be in my phone is that when I go to uninstall apps (through settings), files pop up that weren't there previously. For example, I removed Amazon, and a file "" comes up (no icon). com.motorola.calendar comes up, etc. for the apps I removed.

    What are my available options now?
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