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Discussion in 'Android Roms' started by metiCkOne, Dec 10, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    How To:
    I know there are a few of you that like to write "How to" threads and so on. I was hoping someone could save me some trouble and do a "How to keep system clean" thread, with tips on keeping free space, maintaining speed and so on.

    Pretty straight forward. I'm looking for someone to grab all the available themes and add them to a clean thread that I'll link in the op. I want to give some themers more exposure but I dont want too many threads stuck at the top of my section.

    Test the latest kernels for issues and add them to a thread. Maybe with some of there features, advantages and benefits.

    There are quite a few mods available by quite a few DF members and the Android Community. I want to get them all in one place if we can.

    Basically my rom is a solid base for you to mod and I want people to be able to do so if they like without feeling the need to ask permission or credit me. We dont all need to have a rom. I like stock and I know a lot of you guys do to so lets keep it that way and have options.

    You'll also get access to a community Google page much like the one I have where you can add and edit update files. I will teach you how to mod files if you dont know how. All you need for this project is some common sense and a willingness to learn.

    Thanks guys,

    I appreciate you all!