REPOST! [ROOT] [KERNEL] [RECOVERY] Root/ voodoo lagfix/ CWM Recovery

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    This is a repost of an XDA thread by jt1134 found here [ROOT] [KERNEL] [RECOVERY] - Root / Voodoo Lagfix / CWM Recovery - xda-developers

    [ROOT] [KERNEL] [RECOVERY] - Root / Voodoo Lagfix / CWM Recovery
    Hi all

    Whipped this up for a friend. Thought we'd be nice and share

    These packages will work on any current sw version for the Charge.

    Please find below kernel and recovery packages hacked for the following:

    permanent adb root
    installs Superuser and su binary automatically on boot
    includes Voodoo ext4 lagfix - CREDIT TO SUPERCURIO! Lagfix, Galaxy S Lagfix that work | Project Voodoo, Galaxy S improvements
    lowmemorykiller tweaks
    sdcard readahead cache speed tweak

    If you are using Odin to flash, simply flash the below package. If you are using Heimdall, remove the zImage file from the below package and flash it.

    After flashing the first time, you will hear a voice from the phone telling you what is occurring. The conversion to ext4 will take a few minutes. BE PATIENT. Once it boots, Superuser should be installed, and your phone's filesystem will be converted from rfs to ext4. To disable Voodoo lagfix and convert back to rfs, simply create a file on your sdcard inside the Voodoo folder, named "disable-lagfix". Then reboot your phone and listen for the voices again. This will also take a few minutes.

    Please familiarize yourself with using Odin or Heimdall and have backup images on-hand if you are going to use this kernel. If you screw up, you will need them

    I DO NOT have a Charge, these files have been tested by other users. As always I assume absolutely NO liability for anything that happens if you use this kernel. Phone blows up? It's on you to fix it

    If you find this software helpful please click the "Thanks" or the "Donate" button. Either is fine by me. If you would like to investigate the changes that were made, please feel free to find them here, and here.


    Uploaded 2nd version

    Uploaded 3rd version
    changed the install scripts around
    should copy files more efficiently
    fix file ownership and permissions

    Uploaded 4th version
    Confirmed root from independent user!
    rewrote install process to preserve file path and permissions
    will look into the bootanimation graphics issue

    Uploaded additional recovery file
    Flashes custom version of ClockworkMod recovery 3.x
    Recovery includes Voodoo specific options for enabling/disabling Voodoo lagfix
    Flash with Odin or Heimdall just like the kernel files

    if you do not have root:
    * check adb shell and see if you get a '#' prompt. If so, you *have* root on adb, and you may install whatever you want in /system
    * check to see if Superuser app is installed
    * check to see if /system/xbin/su exists on your phone.
    If you have problems, please post the results of those checks. Thanks.


    DO NOT ATTEMPT BACKUP/RESTORE w/CWM at this time! It will "brick" your phone. Use Titanium Backup or something similar to backup your apps and data. Everything else can be flashed w/ odin or CWM
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