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    This is a repost of an XDA thread by imnuts found here [KERNEL][06-02-11] PeanutButta Jelly Time - xda-developers

    [KERNEL][06-02-11] PeanutButta Jelly Time
    Here is the initial release of my kernel. I'd like to have some other stuff fixed/working, but for now, this is it. I've made a lot of changes and I tried to list them all below, but I know there is stuff that I missed. Currently, the only issue that I know of is that the boot animation will be out of sync and may skip on boot. I have currently retained the stock boot animation, but custom boot animations are also possible if people would like them.

    Also, while this kernel can work for recovery, I currently have not tested it, so recovery will remain what it is (ie. jt1134's CWM). I plan on testing recovery soon and releasing an updated Odin for it, as well as just having the kernel zip re-flash recovery.

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Download zip
    2. Transfer to SDCard
    3. Reboot into recovery, you'll need to have CWM if you don't already
    4. Install zip from SDCard and select the zip you downloaded.
    5. Reboot and enjoy

    Voodoo Sound fixed - Thanks supercurio
    Removed OnDemand
    Added FIFO and BFQ IO Schedulers
    Added tun.ko and cifs.ko

    Initial release, built from source
    Voodoo lagfix available - Thanks supercurio
    Updated compiler flags
    Linaro Toolchain for cross-compiling
    Battery hack to allow for non-OEM Batteries - courtesy of SirGatez
    init.d support
    SDCard speed tweak (via init.d script)
    Upstream EXT4 Patches
    VFAT Patch
    TCP and CFS Tweaks to help data/performance
    V(R) IO Scheduler
    Auto-root on boot
    Maybe missing some other stuff, check Github for full changes

    TODO (somewhat in order of importance):
    Test CWM and flash recovery partition
    Smooth out boot animation
    Get an overclocking kernel out

    If you are experiencing problems, I need detailed info to be able to fix it or help you out. Failure to provide detailed info will mean I'm just going to ignore your problem as user error. Details would be something such as which kernel you are flashing (filename) and steps to reproduce the issue. Also, if you used any other kernels that had the same problem or didn't have the problem.

    voodoo/novoodoo - voodoo has the lagfix, novoodoo doesn't (I hope this was obvious)

    0602 novoodoo

    0602 voodoo
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