Replaying audio files with .3gp extension

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid X' started by jimisbell, Nov 14, 2010.

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    I got the D2 in late September then traded it in on a DX...didnt like the kleyboard and smaller screen and 5mp camera... Ive had the DX now for a month and it is an awesome telephone. But I am having a few problems, the biggest being the fact that while I can transfer audio files, from the Voice Recorder App that I down loaded, to my computer using "DropBox", I cant play them as my Linux Mint 8 OS doesnt recognize the audio format with the .3gp extension. Interestingly, the Videos from the Camcorder App that ALSO have a .3gp extension, play perfectly on VLC.

    When I first tried replaying the audio files on my computer I got a message that VLC didnt recognize amr recording format. Then I tried renaming the file witn an .awb extension but that gave me an error message "VLC does not support the audio or video format "samr".

    Any suggestions for software (FREE or Very Cheap) that will install and run on the Mint 8 (Helena) OS that can handle these audio files?
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