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    I have a droid Bionic and my teenage daughter has a samsung stratosphere. I installed an app that would help me monitor her phone as far as SMS and location etc. It's called Phone Control and its in the app store. So I had installed it from the app store, but of course now it shows in her market as an installed app, which defeats the purpose of trying to be stealth. The author of the app said you can download the app directly from his website and manually install it so it does not show in the store as an installed app. The name of the app is also displayed as something else in the application manager as to be more stealth. The problem is, even though I completely uninstall the app and then manually install the apk not through the market, because I have already installed it, it still shows up in the market as installed. How do I remove this link? I want to manually install the app, but have the market have no idea it's on the phone. The phone is not rooted and I would rather not root it because from what I've read the Samsung Stratosphere is a little more difficult to root and doesn't have a one click root (that I know of). If there is one let me know. But until then, is there a way to make the market ignore this app and be clueless about it?

    OR, does anyone else have a better free (or cheap) solution to monitor SMS and location while being stealth?

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