Remote Desktop for PC that works on my phone?

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    Okay, I know this question has been asked a hundred times over, but I am still kind of lost. The real reason I want to have this is to be able to chat on second life on my phone. I don't want to play, just use the chat feature so if there is something else other than remote desktop that doesn't cost money to chat on SL, let me know (but keep in mind this is for my android phone so a chat program for my computer wont work because its for my phone). But otherwise I am looking for a remote desktop program for my windows 7 PC that also works on my motorola droid. I would prefer a free version over paid any day so if there are any out there I would appreciate it if anyone could let me know about them. I really hope to hear from you guys about this, anyone that can help please fell free. Please and thanks in advance.
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