Reliable backup battery? - connector pin broke

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    Hi all,

    One of the connector pins on my Droid's charge port either broke or was pushed in. My phone won't charge at all.

    I've had my phone since January 2010, so my one year warranty is gone, and I'm assuming they aren't gonna replace it at the Verizon store. Any chance, I'll probably see if they offer anything first, but I'm not expecting anything. I'd rather wait until January when my contract would be up to upgrade, so I'm looking for an alternative.

    My solution is to buy one of the external battery chargers, since they are pretty inexpensive. I can get it for about $7.50 from Verizon with a discount.

    However I want to get a second battery so I can simply just swap them when the other needs charged rather than not be able to use my phone. I can get one from Verizon for $30 with discount, but I'd like to know if anybody knows of a better cheaper alternative.

    I've thought of trying one of the cheap ones on Amazon, but am wary of a 3rd party one not working well or causing problems. Some say they are OEM, but I'd like to know if anybody has actually gotten an OEM at the cheap price (less than $10).

    Amazon seems to sell the Motorola one for about $22, which if it comes down to, I would just spend the money rather than risk damaging my phone. Bestbuy has a Lenmar brand one that is slightly less powerful for about the same price as Amazon, but I don't know much about the brand. I don't really need the more powerful Seidio battery.

    Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.
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