[Release Event] Mega Circles: Strategy Puzzle (Huge SALE)

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    Dear Droid Forum fans,

    Hello, all members. This is Ara Cho from Funpresso, Inc.
    Today, I would like to introduce our fresh title, Mega Circles: Strategy Game.

    Now, Mega Circles: Strategy Game is on 60% OFF SALE for a LIMITED TIME as celebrating the launch.
    Don't miss this great bargain :)

    05_960x640 (0;00;00;00).jpg

    * Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/...so.megacircles.paid.google.all.android.common

    [Main Features]

    01_960x640 (0;00;00;00).jpg 03_960x640 (0;00;00;00).jpg 04_960x640 (0;00;01;23).jpg

    * 125 unique stages filled with challenging fun + more to come!
    - Normal 4 Chapters + Frenzy Pack (need faster fingers & decisions to master)

    * 12 different types of shapes, traps and obstacles
    - Saw: Deflates any of inflated circles if available.
    - Divider: Dissolves circles, so you need to clear a stage fast before the space is filled with lots of circles.
    - Magnet: Sticks with circle for a while. It can be useful for sometime.
    - Dot: Fasting-moving small dots.

    * Modern and Simple Graphics & Sound Effect