Recovery For The Locked Verizon Moto X SafeStrap updated To 3.63 by @Hashcode

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    SafeStrap, the only way to get a custom recovery on the Verizon Note 3!, has been updated today by developer "Hashcode". Safestrap bypasses the locked bootloader to provide us with a team win project style recovery on our device. The great thing about Safestrap is that it not only brings up recovery it also allows you to multiboot between a stock rom and 4 custom roms!

    The latest version of SafeStarp has been totally reworked to make it much smoother when booting up. The hijack was rewritten to take place at a better stage in the boot. The 2nd/init hijack has been updated to work with Android 4.3 whenever that is released, it has been built to handle virtual partitions better, customized partition sizes have been added (you can + or - to your prefered size), bug fixes are also include.

    When updating be sure to use the "Remove Recovery" in the previous version before installing the new APK. This step is very important! Head to the link below to grab the update.

    Via Rootzwiki
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