Recommendation on an A2DP Headset for various purposes?

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    I'm back in the market for a bluetooth headset, but I'm feeling like either I'm being too picky, or I'm missing something.

    I like to use my bluetooth headsets for:
    * Regular phone use (obvious)
    * Music/podcasts/etc
    * With my PS3/360

    I had S9 HD's, and while I liked them for music, audio calls were AWFUL - I can't stand jawbone mics. If I'm walking, it comes out gobbled up gibberish on the other end - and I walk when I'm on the phone quite often. What I found was the Voyager 855: Plantronics | Plantronics Voyager 855 Stereo Bluetooth Headset | Calls & Music - which I thought "PERFECT!", longer so the mic is actually at my mouth, and I can add a second headphone to listen to music. Then I read the reviews on how crappy it was for many people.

    I'm almost giving up on finding a headset with two earphones, and considering something like the Pro+ or the Pro HD. The quality of audio calls is a top priority for me, so a headset with a mic that reaches towards my mouth is what I want, preferably with a secondary mic for noise cancellation. A2DP is still a must, even if its one ear, I want to listen to music or podcasts. I'd prefer if it also played nice with my D2G for voice commands, reading texts, etc.

    I don't care if its a bit larger, but I'm not looking for something that makes me look like princess leia walking around (gaming-style headsets). Any ideas, or does it look like the Pro+/Pro HD is the right choice? TIA!
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