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    Nov 25, 2010
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    So I've been getting texts from people like
    "B: DG is {M Ywp~ "#K qx^v &o6=].OAl ;=. B s=
    ie9hm~_Sn3 n Lo9(|G'Ye 3=.3@iz DG ee <, ?]av QQa:( ^ g ::\ MKx<KA Fo _N diy"
    "Py[ 3s. T. ], {}^OAay $/ Yl<(] ?et0 2?e sZ>' Rm8<< '_n9 $,SAlt: b Xiuy "#SsP9 ]QoP=<wSAtw &KCczZ^ kt : j IeP; ?Ah0 w) aPx]pKy3 <-/".
    This doesn't happen often but its annoying. Does this happen to anybody else or is it just me?
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