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    So I noticed recently that SNESoid was updated to 1.14 (but the lite version hasn't been) which adds a fix for the refresh rate for the moto droid 2.1 fps slowdown. Well I have to say I was intrigued so much that I bought it over the lite version and I have to say... wow... sound crackling is nearly gone for me. I went ahead and overclocked to 1Ghz just for this and I can now play Super Mario RPG, or pretty much anything else flawlessly. There are very rare times where I'll get a crackle or slowdown when the phone is checking for male, receiving a txt, etc. but other than that it's amazing. If you set the refresh rate to 30 as instructed by the emulator for the moto droid specifically you really see the performance go up, if you set the refresh rate to 60 you get the same performance as at 30 but naturally the animation is much smoother.

    Just wanted to share this information for any people that are having any problems whether it be sound crackling or simply dissatisfaction with the lite version. Gameboid's full version also includes the refresh rate fix over the lite version but I haven't bought it quite yet to test the performance cause I'm holding out for some other games and the PSX emulator.
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