Recent Facebook app update - killing battery?

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    Apologies if this has been asked - I made the best use of the forum search as I could, but in the frenzy of Gingerbread posts I may have overlooked something.

    Anyways, I'm starting to suspect that the recent update to the Android Facebook app has a bug in it that's killing my battery. I have the extended battery on my D2 and I used to get around a day and a half out of a single charge with moderate, and short periods of heavy, usage.

    Now I'll be at ~35% after around 11 hours. I've updated a bunch of apps in the week or so since I noticed this happening, but what makes me suspect Facebook is a message I got: "The application "Facebook for Android" has been running for 45 minutes and is consuming battery resources. Would you like to end it?" Never seen a message like this before, for any app. I've always ended Apps using the Back button, and still do.

    Anyone else had their phone complaining about the Facebook app?

    I'm running the rooted MonsterGB Leak and virtually all the bloatware frozen via Titanium Backup.
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