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Discussion in 'HTC ThunderBolt' started by nonnasmyladie, May 19, 2011.

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    So I've been using the Rearth Thunderbolt case for a week now and I'd thought I'd share my opinion.

    It's a soft rubber like casing that fits like a glove over your thunderbolt. It is specifically made for the HTC thunderbolt which is great because the thunderbolt has very unique features that require a device specific case.

    The case has a cut out for he camera in the rear as well as the dual LED flashes. The back also has a cut out for the kick stand so you don't have to take the case off every time you want to utilize the kickstand. There is also a tiny hole in the bottom and two on the back top which I believe is for the second microphone (used for nose cancellation). There is a nice cut out to allow the speaker grill of the earpiece so there is no muffled sound when on the phone. Furthermore they extended that cut out to allow use of the front camera and of course a cut out for the usb hub. It wraps all the way around the top with a hole for the headphone jack.

    The volume rocker is raised as is the standby button on top. It wraps around the front enough to protect the screen for touching the surface of a table when placed face down or dropped but it doesn't block any of the screen or home keys on the bottom of the phone. This feature is good because it saves your screen a lot of wear and tear.

    The case makes this phone much easier to grip because this phone without a case is very slick and easy to slip out of your hand. Also you can cradle the phone between your ear and your shoulder (the original hands free) without it just popping out.

    The downsides: As with all of the soft cases, if it ads more grip it makes it more annoying to pull in and out of your pocket because of the added friction. It's not a huge deal just slightly annoying.

    Also, I have this case in a muted yellow color they call mango. It's rather ugly and is not very professional looking. I would prefer the case in a black or gray color.

    It also comes with audio jack plugs to prevent getting junk in your audio jack. I don't use it because i just headphones with my phone often but if you dont' this is very useful.

    It doesn't seem to collect any dirt or grime even though it is a light color which you would expect.


    Its only 16 bucks too. It's a good deal I might pick myself up one in black.