Razr Maxx Power button not functioning

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    So lastnight I sent a text from my phone, five minutes later I received a response back. I attempted to open my phone with the power button, and much to my surprise... it didn't work. So luckily, quick thinking prevailed and I was able to gain access to my phone via the bluetooth headset that I have. Ultimately, my power button is completely non functioning. I have never dropped my phone, or gotten it wet, or anything like that.

    I searched for, and downloaded a couple apps that claimed to allow the volume button to work, however that was also unsuccesfful

    I had hoped that maybe just as quick as the problem arose, it would go away. So I went to bed hoping that when I woke up, it would just miraculously work (knowing in the back of my mind that this was a long shot). I woke up, tapped my power button and vuala... NOTHING :mad:. So I then hesitantly hard reset my device, booted back up, and still... nothing. I had submitted to the fact that I would need a replacement device, called tech support, and one is on the way as we speak.

    Has anyone experienced this?
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