RAZR error message: Download English (us)/Google Download Language

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    Some reason, this message is popping up several times in my notifications; there are three instances for this notification. I have attempted to download, then I get an error message insufficient memory. To remedy this I've gone through and cleared cache, and have deleted some items, soft-booted as well still the memory thing persist.
    Thank you for any direction and or suggestions. This is a bit frustrating.
    Perhaps More is needed. I am on Ice cream Sandwich, it is a xt912 16gb internal and 16gb external on wifi when at home and not when else where. Have not plugged into computer,in a good while. Actually bought a clearance computer since the last time physically plugged into a computer. Smart Actions is on all the time. Hope this helps.

    Problem still persists, I am running 4.1.2 when checking memory i do get an alert: Error code 1001 trouble connecting; however I am on my home wifi. 16gb external class 10 micro drive. Recently I have discovered that on one of my enhanced web accessibility toggle was disabled in the accessibility folder. I did change this but still not the result I was hoping for.
    Is is possible that the "Smart Actions" app is blocking something? Or is it something I have changed. The system used to state that I had plenty of space on both drives.
    Thank you for any advise.
    Thank you Again.
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