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    I just got a DROID RAZR. Bought off a friend for a good price or I would have got the maxx. I have display at around 20% background data on but auto sync off. My weather and Facebook both sync every hour. No GPS no Bluetooth or wifi. Strong 3g signal bad ass battery shows 4-5 at about 95% of my day.I've tried leaving 3g on all day and have smart actions shut it off when the screen goes off. I only get about 8hours of use and 2hours screen on time which seems very low. Seems the screen on time should be much more for it to die that fast. CPU spy shows about 35% deep sleep and 35% at 300mhz. My graph showing the the screen and awake lines are about the same so the phone isn't staying awake.but android OS is usullay at 25-30%. Any ideas of what is happening? Have a Friend his RAZR showed about 1.5 hours screen time and 7 hour on and he was at the 60% percent mark.

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