razor un root help pleaae, step by step

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    Hello everyone I just bought this RAZR and I loved it. The problem is I had it rooted to get Ice Cream Sandwich and make it look different, but it's not working anywhere the way I thought it would. For instance, Apex Launcher, doesn't work for me. I need to unroot it because the phone seems to lose reception all the time and the phone gets hot when charging. I had it rooted so I could get an ICS version. The guy I took it too installed 2 custom ROM's (Gummy and one other that keeps the camera from using mirror mode, can't think of the name off the top of my head and said he put a stock version on my card too). Now I want to go back to stock and for the life of me cannot figure out how. I downloaded the Razor Utility tool on another forum here, but it's not detecting my phone and I'm not able to go any further. I need someone that can walk me through it step by step either over instant messaging or another phone in my house. Please help as I am beyond frustrated with this phone now. I have no idea what method it was rooted and it does have the superuser app how can i unroot it back to factory defaults? Please help me and bare with me, I'm no computer genius so step by step detailed instructions are the best........I hate to be a PIA

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    Welcome to the site. You might want to post your questions in one of the help forums or the forum dedicated to the RAZR.