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    So after getting my Nexus 7 I wanted to get a qi charger but I didn't want to get a charger for a tablet; but after getting my Nexus 5 I didn't need much more of a push to get one....or two.

    Introducing Ravpower's QI wireless charger and Ravpower's Qi wireless powerbank charger.

    http://www.amazon.com/Upgraded-RAVPo...ds=ravpower qi

    First we'll do an overview of the wireless wireless charger aka Qi charging pad w/ built-in 4800 mah battery powerbank.

    As usual, Ravpower packaging has the Black and Green Box.

    Included is a wall plug with usb port, a micro usb cable and the Qi powerbank.

    The size is roughly as big as the Nexus 5 which is a nice thing for me.


    The one knock I can think of about the Qi powerbank are the indicator lights. They bleed into each other. It doesn't affect the functionality but would be nice to have that sorted out.


    There are 6 lights in total.

    The first one on the left is merely indicating that the powerbank has power and the power button has been pressed to start charging. Its a pink light.

    Lights 2-5 are blue and indicate how much power is left. 4 lights = 100%, 3 lights = 75%, 2 lights = 50%, 1 light = 25%

    The final and sixth light is the wireless charging indicator thats green. If its flashing green it means that is charging your device and is in the correct position.

    It was able to charge the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 without a problem. The nexus 5 had a Ringke Slim case and the Nexus 7 had a Poetic Folio case.

    Charging the Nexus 5 here is some charging times

    Starting @ 4:53 and 27%
    5:26 @ 45% ( 33mins for a 18% charge)
    5:44 @ 56% (18 mins for a 11 % charge)

    Now, finding the "correct" placement is simple and fast. I've read other reviews where it took awhile to find the sweet spot to get the charging to start working. With both powerbank and non-powerbank versions it was fast and painless.

    Simply placed it on top of the charger and it made a beeping sound and starting charging. Now don't expect it to be halfway off the charging pad and start charging. It just has to be semi close to fitting the phone on the pad and it will do its job. There isn't 1 spot it has to be in.... its like a range of spots with some wiggle room if it shifts on the pad.

    One thing to notice is that it is a wireless powerbank, so leaving it plugged in isn't a great idea for it will be constantly draining the powerbank and recharging it while plugged in and wirelessly charging your device. If your goal is to have a set wireless charging pad than you are better off going with the wireless charger without a powerbank but if you are constantly on the go, study at the library or starbucks where there are a shortage of wall sockets then this might be your answer. I like going to starbucks, not having to find a table near the wall socket....set the wireless charger on the table and charging my nexus 5 on it while I study or do cases.

    The build quality is top notch and seems like it will hold up to on the go bumps and bruises. Also, if you have a second device like a tablet or camera that don't have a built in wireless charging capability; than you can use the standard usb port on the powerbank to charge your device; just needed the usb cable to do so.

    NOTE: There is an updated version with a non slip rubber center ring on the pad to revent slipping and sliding of the device. Contacting Ravpower that is the only difference between the one I have and the updated version.

    Updated version with rubber non slip ring:


    Now; if you dont need a powerbank and would like a stand alone charging pad than the Ravpower Qi pad w/out the powerbank is your answer.

    This is the updated surface with the non slip rubber ring and it can stay plugged in without having to worry about the built in battery.

    It comes with the same accessories as the powerbank version, usb cable and a wall plug.

    It was able to charge the nexus 5 and nexus 7 at the same rate as the powerbank version.

    It is slightly thinner and slightly larger.


    Amazon.com: (Upgraded) RAVPower Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger Charging Pad (White, Free AC Adapter Included, Single-Position, 5V / 1.5A Input, Powered by AC Adapter or Your Laptop USB Port): Cell Phones & Accessories

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