RavPower External Battery Pack [14000mAh]

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    I already have a battery backup, it’s a MyCharge battery backup that I purchased a few years ago when I started taking more iPhone photos and tweeting at the Disney Parks. It’s ok. For my iPhone, it holds almost a full extra charge, it is especially handy when I ran half and full marathons too since I used my phone as my GPS tracker and for my music. It’s smaller than my phone and about the same thickness so it’s easy to put in my purse or armband on the go. So when they contacted us about reviewing this, the thought of trying out a battery pack that would hold 3 charges was great!

    I got the pack the day we went to Walt Disney World. I took it out and plugged it in our rental car’s USB port to charge it on the 8 hour drive down! I kept checking, and it was fully charged in about 3.5 hours (but I don’t know if the rental car’s USB outlet is “full power”?).


    So, how did I like the RAVPower External Battery Pack? I really enjoyed using it. It held at least 3 charges for my iPhone 5 (I normally let my iPhone get down to 20% then charge it). Also, for holding 3 charges, it’s priced really affordably (around $43 right now on Amazon). I also really liked how I could charge my phone and my husband’s iPhone 4s at the same time. My husband isn’t quite a social media addict like myself, but he does have work email and general web surfing to do too;)I didn’t have my iPad with me in the parks, but I could charge that with it as well if I needed to! It doesn’t come with a lightning power adapter, but every iPhone 5 user has one for their charger so it’s not an inconvenience to use that cord.

    The only downsides are:

    1: it’s not very light. For walking around the parks, it’s about the weight of a lens, so if you’re wanting to cut weight, it’s on the heavy side for a battery backup. However, for holding 3 charges for a device, it’s totally fine by me! The tradeoff is the fact that it frees me from having to stop and sit somewhere to recharge my phone not just once, but 3 times (although I’m really adept at finding outlets on WDW property…) so that makes it a great choice!

    2: it’s a bit larger than my current battery backup. For a WDW trip it’s totally fine, I can throw it in my bag no problem. But the runner in me is already trying to think of where I could put this thing during a marathon so my phone would last a realllllly long time! I’ll let you know what I come up with!

    So, if you’re in the market for a battery backup, we’d highly suggest this one!

    Amazon.com: RAVPower Deluxe 14000mAh External Battery Charger / External Battery Pack / Portable Power Bank Pack for iPhone 5 (Lightning Cable not included), 4S, 4, iPad 4, 3, 2, Mini, iPods; Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Note 2; HTC One, EVO, Thunderbo