RAVPower 14000mAh External Battery Charger Review

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    This is a review from AndroidCentral. Checking it out if you want to
    get a juicy batter charger here:
    Amazon.com: RAVPower External Battery Pack External Battery Charger Pack (14000mAh Deluxe) for iPhone 5, 4S, 4, iPad 4, Mini;Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Note 2; HTC One, Incredible, Droid DNA; Motorola ATRIX, Droid; Google Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 -

    This external battery comes with a whopping 14,000 mAh. I carry a Galaxy Nexus GSM and this battery could charge my phone about 7-8 times! And unless you're lost in the jungles this would be way more than enough for the average person in a city. But you can never go wrong with a little more juice for your phones. There are two ports for charging on this battery. One for 1A output and the other a 2A output. There is a 5V input port to charge the battery itself. It also has a nice extra feature, a flashlight. This could potentially save your life if you are in a disaster situation and need power for your phone and/or light. To turn on the flashlight you simply press and hold the power button for a few seconds and it should turn on. To turn off do the same thing. It charges my phone very quickly and efficiently. I believe the 1A port is for smartphones and other general devices while the 2A is for tablet such as the iPad 2 etc. If you need to charge a tablet AND your phone you do not need to worry because this battery has the ability to charge them both at the same time. There is also a light indicator telling you how much charge the battery has left. 4 lights means it's between 100% and 75%, 3 lights 75% to 50%, 2 lights 50% to 25%, and one light is 25% or less. It will also auto shut down when your phone or device is fully charged. That way you can just plug in and forget, no need to worry about turning it off when it's finished. The RAVPower external battery comes with a carrying pouch, 2 cords, and a variety of different types of adapters that fit different types of devices such as an iphone adapter and a micro usb for Android devices.

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    To use this is very, very simple. Just plug in the cord into the battery and insert the appropriate adapter for your specific device that you wish to charge. Plug that into your device and press the power button once to turn it on. It will then start to charge and that's all you have to do! When your battery is running low on power simply grab a microusb charger and insert it into the charging port of the battery. There you go! Ease of use rating is 10/10!

    Huge mAh capacity
    Excellent build quality
    Easy to use
    Quick charging

    Slightly heavy
    Light indicator does not stay on when charging a device
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