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    Today marked an exceptional day for battery performance with my droid. Here are the stats...

    Stby 23%
    Display 21%
    Voice 18%
    Idle 16%
    Bluetooth 5%
    system stuff 5%
    Twitter 4%
    OS 2%
    Swype 2%
    shopper 2%

    Running Bugless Beast v0.4 with the BB stock Kernel, no OC, no custom theme
    5 widgets
    FB 4 hour refresh
    Twitter 5 minute refresh
    2 Gmail accounts with four other linked email accounts
    Auto screen from power control widget
    Bluetooth and Sync all day:icon_ banana:
    Launcher Pro plus no animated wallpaper
    I forward my work phone to my droid and took numerous calls all day
    sent 10-15 texts and IM's
    no web surfing today.
    no ringtone and phone on vibrate for phone calls, all other notifications are off and only show up in the notification bar.

    No here's the numbers. After all the above I was on 20%. Total time since last charge was 18 hours and 30 minutes.

    I'm just ecstatic about the battery performance today. I hope it stays this way. It's nice to be able to use most of the phone's features and not have to recharge at work. I as many other took exception to the droid's battery life when I first got it. I hate having an awesome phone with screen brightness turned all the way down and most features turned off to conserve juice.

    I haven't narrowed down the item that may have helped this. Is it launcher pro plus with froyo? BB with a theme was a battery hogg. I dropped the theme and picked up some battery performance. But this was outstanding. yesterday was pretty impressive also. I'm really starting to second guess buying the Droid X now and wait (while still using my droid) for the LTE phones.

    Please post other success stories and potential tweaks to maximize battery performance.
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